Ashley Riley Obituary – Death And Funeral Information

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Ashley Riley Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Ashley Riley Obituary Jamestown PA: Ashley J. Riley, age 36, of Leff Avenue, Jamestown, passed away early on Friday, April 22, 2022, as a result of injuries she received in a car accident. Her mother, Karen (Snyder) Splitstone, gave birth to her on April 22, 1986, in Christiana, Delaware. She is their daughter. Over the course of four years, she worked for Rodgers Auto Body Inc. in Jamestown in the capacity of office manager.

She is survived by a daughter, Alexis Riley; a sister, Amber Fry; an aunt, Sally Cyphert and her husband Jimmy all of Jamestown; an aunt, Carol Botwright of Delaware; three nephews and a niece all of Jamestown; a cousin of Delaware. In addition, she is survived by her mother, who resides in Jamestown. Her paternal grandma, Jeanette Snyder, passed away before she was born. In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of the deceased may be sent to the Loutzenhiser-Randall Funeral Home, located at 416 Liberty Street, Jamestown, Pennsylvania 16134. Full Obituary

Ashley Lenee Riley Obituary, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Pryor resident Ashley Lenee Riley, who was 34 years old at the time of her death on March 16, 2021, passed away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pryor, Oklahoma, is the place where Walter and Patti (Pruitt) Riley welcomed their daughter Ashley into the world on November 3, 1986. Pryor was her home throughout her childhood, and she attended and graduated from Pryor High School in 2006. Her religious affiliation was with the Southern Baptists.

Her children, Bryur John Wayne Walter Burgess, Brylie Shae Pennington, Brooke Alexis Darryl Pennington, Brygette Chezne Riley-Johns, and Brambyl Meadow, are the only ones to remember her after her passing. Rose Burgess, her parents Jeffrey and Patti (Pruitt) Curtsinger, and her nieces Ainsli Ray and Lauren Curtsinger are pictured here. Eledie Jolene Beth McFarland, Eledie Danee McFarland, and Ianthe Opal Montana McFarland. Ann Danee McFarland. Full Obituary

Ashley S. Riley Obituary, Springboro, Ohio: Ashley S. Riley, age 26, of Springboro, Ohio, passed away at Hospice of Butler and Warren County on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Her husband, Trevyn, and their three children, Jakoby, Samantha, and Madison, as well as her mother, Marsha (Reggie) Wanza, her father, Doug (Sherry) Harris, her brothers, Josh and Tyler Harris, and her sisters, Angel Simms and Amanda Redmond, are among those who are left behind after Ashley’s passing. In addition, she is survived by her maternal grandparents, William and Margaret Hunt and Nora Harris, as well as her paternal grandparents, Terry (Kim) Riley and Deonna Riley, her mother-in-law and father-in-law, respectively. Monday at noon, funeral services will be held at the Anderson Funeral Home, which is located at 40 North Main Street in Springboro, Ohio. On Monday, visitation will get underway at ten in the morning. Springboro Cemetery will be the location of the interment. You are welcome to share your condolences with the family at The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is accepting financial support for its mission. Full Obituary