Ardijan (Hysni) Berisha Death and Obituary, Albania Footballer

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Ardijan Berisha, who was from Albania and was 26 years old, passed away yesterday in New York. His parents are said to have come from the village of Irzniq, which is located in the municipality of Decan in Kosovo, and he was born there.

The information was shared by relatives of the 26-year-family, old’s who also expressed their sorrow on social networks. However, they did not disclose any specifics behind the untimely death of the 26-year-old individual.

Berisha was an athlete who played a sport called football. Since 2016, he had been a part of a number of different football teams in New York as well as in Germany.

The “College of Mount Saint Vincent Dolphins” website lists the year 2018 as the date of his most recent registration for football, according to the tab for him on the website. This year, he participated in a total of 16 games.

He spent four years playing for JBS FC out of New York, where he was coached by Jon Langer, a graduate of UIS who won the US Championship in 1988…’s national poll placed JBS FC in the top 20 of all teams in the country… 2014 was the year of graduation from high school. has maintained a spot on the high school honor roll and has been awarded certificates of excellence in both biology and architecture during their time there. Received notification that they have been accepted into the Honors Program at UIS. Nick and Donna Berisha are his parents, and he is their son.