Amber Manthorne Missing, Search for missing Port Alberni woman

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The enormous search for a lady who went missing from Port Alberni, British Columbia, was called off over the weekend. Near Port Alberni, on Saturday, around one hundred individuals participated in a grid search for Amber Manthorne, who was last seen on July 7 and is now 40 years old. The searchers then went south of Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Sunday, moving closer to the location where her abandoned vehicle was discovered more than a week ago.

The volunteer-led searches have come to a stop, but the police investigation is still ongoing, and loved ones have stated that they will not give up hope. “Everyone’s life includes an Amber at some point or another. Whether it be their sister, their daughter, their friend, their co-worker, or their neighbors, they all have this trait “Kristie St. Claire, a close friend of the family, remarked.

She remarked, “I’m just blown away by how many people have come out, the stories that they share, and how they continue to care deeply about this and this cause.” “I’m just blown away by how many people have come out.” According to reports from the volunteers, they are communicating potential leads to the authorities following the search activities over the weekend.

Amber Manthorne Missing, Search for missing Port Alberni woman

Amber Manthorne, who was last seen in the Port Alberni area, has been the subject of extensive search efforts by concerned citizens, who have collectively traversed hundreds of kilometers of terrain. Between Port Alberni and Nanaimo, on both Saturday, July 23, and Sunday, July 24, volunteers returned to the area to continue searching logging roads for any evidence of the missing woman. Since July 7th, neither Manthorne nor anybody else has been seen or heard from. Two days later, on the third day, her abandoned automobile was discovered on a logging road to the south of Nanaimo. On July 12, the matter was transferred to the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit to be investigated.

Public searches have been focused on the area around Great Central Lake, which is close to where Manthorne lived, and a gravel pit on Ninatti Road near Cassidy, which is close to where her car was found. These searches have taken place over the past two weekends.

Elsie Lake, Dorhan Lake, Ash Lake, McLaughlin Lake, Lois Lake, and Lowry Lake were the focal points of search efforts in the Alberni Valley. Volunteers were asked to focus their efforts on the Ash Main by the RCMP and search and rescue personnel, and as a result, teams were combing the roadsides all the way to the 36-kilometer mark, from both the Comox Valley and the Alberni Valley sides, as stated by St. Claire.

In Nanaimo, St. Claire went back to the gravel pit on Sunday and then traveled the logging roads to Nanaimo River and into the Nanaimo Lakes area, chatting to people and posting missing posters along the way.

There were check-in sheets, maps, and directions available at the self-help stations that were set up. The people who were searching were instructed to search in segments of 1.5 kilometers along both sides of the logging roads as well as in structures like pumphouses and intake areas that were located around the lakes.

Volunteers will set up self-search stations in locations that have agreed to host them, such as the Tseshaht Market, which has given space to the volunteers in a picnic table area. St. Claire stated that this will take place. There will be a posting of maps as well as information such as the tip line (250-730-1544) and information regarding the RCMP. A sign-in sheet, water, and snacks were part of the self-search setup that was available at Tseshaht Market over the past weekend.

According to what St. Claire had to say, “We still have people and friends that are wanting to go out and search.” Other folks who spend time outside on a regular basis have been calling in to inform St. Claire and the team whenever they have been to a specific location to share their experiences. There is a group of people who are collating all of the material, and they are also in contact with investigators from the RCMP.

According to what St. Claire claimed, the RCMP has been providing regular updates to Manthorne’s mother. She further mentioned that on Friday, law enforcement was once again present at Great Central Lake with a cadaver dog.