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The Passing of Alex Whittaker – The news of Alex Whittaker’s passing was disseminated to the general public through a variety of social media handles, where friends and families of the deceased paid their respects to the man who had passed away. This news has left us feeling utterly heartbroken and crushed.

The following are excerpts from several tributes offered to Alex Whittaker: When we were younger, we used to say things like, “To Old (much wiser) Alex from Young Alex.”
It didn’t matter how long you’d known Alex Whittaker for; he always managed to make you feel like you were a significant part of his life, and this was one of his most endearing qualities. Alex, when I was a young boy of 12 years old and just starting out as a show pilot, made it his mission to make me feel welcome on each show line he saw me on. In fact, I’d say that I wouldn’t have many of the lifelong connections I have today if it weren’t for him, and I’m sincerely grateful for that.

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I think you can learn a lot about a person’s personality by looking at the people they’ve affected and the memories they’ve left behind, and in Alex, you had one of the greatest.
I know that you and Steve are laughing at all of us here for being so emotional while you raise numerous glasses and make fun of us, but I can’t help but laugh along with you.
Take it easy, my friend! – Hawtin Alex

The heartbreaking news that longtime model and model Press photographer Alex Whittaker had departed suddenly was received late last night. Alex has been nothing but supportive of everything I’ve ever attempted and has provided me and my team with consistent assistance. There was never a shortage of time for chitchat or volunteering assistance. He had an enthusiasm for all aspects of modeling that was unparalleled, and he was always willing to provide a hand to whoever needed it.

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This last weekend was such a tragic one for the modeling community, and Alex will be sorely missed. His family and friends have our deepest condolences in their time of loss. -PB Models

Sincere condolences go out to Alex Whittaker’s family and friends after his untimely death that occurred two days ago. Recent events at the Old Warden ModelAir event provided the opportunity for me to have a fruitful conversation with him. His excitement for remote-controlled flight photography was contagious, and he brought a one-of-a-kind personality and a lively spirit to the flightlines of RC shows and events, where he glided around capturing wonderful photographs with his large lenses. Rest in peace Alex. The words of Dominic Mitchell.

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Extremely shocked and upset to learn of Alex Whittaker’s unexpected passing. On the back deck of the bayliner, I put the finishing touches on the aero modeling and powerboat fraternity while enjoying a glass or two of wine. A talented photographer, musician, and engineer who taught himself all of these instruments, as well as a shrewd and diligent individual who made the most of his Scouse background and education.

Today, RCME and PB+R will most likely be mourning like the rest of us. This comes as a terrible surprise. An illustration that illustrates the man’s talent with the camera to some degree. -Tim Mackey