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Alan Schultz Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Marilyn Monroe’s Obituary From 1962: On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe passed away, leaving behind a legacy that was riddled with inconsistencies. The actress was prone to panic, but she relished the attention of the public. Even though her status as a sex symbol caused her some discomfort at times, she was still willing to make money off of it. As the obituary published in TIME for the Hollywood icon made clear, it was a life full of ups and downs:

She had never been on time for anything, but her tardiness was never caused by heedlessness on her part. She would stay home by herself, miss her appointments, and keep entire casts of people waiting in vain because she was plagued by self-doubt and signs of illness. Over the course of the previous year, her tardiness could be measured in weeks rather than hours. She only showed up 12 times during the 32 days that she was filming Something’s Got to Give, and she only produced 7 and a half usable minutes of footage. She expressed her sorrow to all of the grips on the set by sending them telegrams after she was dismissed from the film. Full Obituary

Marilyn Monroe Los Angeles, California: Probably the most well-known of all actresses, Marilyn Monroe was given the name Norma Jean Mortenson when she was delivered at the Los Angeles General Hospital on June 1, 1926. On August 5, 1962, thirty-six years later, her housekeeper discovered her dead body lying face down and naked on her bed. It appeared that she had passed away as a result of an overdose of sedatives. During her lifetime, she only appeared in 30 films, but her legendary status and the mystique surrounding her will live on in film history indefinitely. She was raised in abject poverty by a mother who suffered from mental illness. Her mother had a string of relationships during her daughter’s childhood, which added to the mystery surrounding the identity of her biological father. In 1942, when Norma Jean was only 16 years old, she tied the knot with James Dougherty, a worker at an aircraft plant who was 21 at the time. They were divorced in 1946 after their marriage had only lasted a total of 1946 years. At this point in time, Marilyn had already started modeling swimsuits and had lightened her hair to a blonde color. Full Obituary

Marilyn Jenetta Monroe (Archibald): Suffered a sudden and unexpected death on September 16, 2017, at the age of 58, at the Sault Area Hospital. The daughter of Violet Monroe (Walter), who married the late Barry Archibald, and the late Barry Archibald. Alex Martin, her one and only child, as well as her siblings Barry (Diana), Cathy (Jim), John (Donna), and Candy, will always cherish the memory of their mother (Andrew). There are far too many of my aunt’s nieces and nephews. Marilyn was a woman who was exceptionally compassionate and kind to others. Her warm spirit and infectious smile spread like wildfire throughout the neighborhood and touched the lives of everyone she met. Many people are going to miss having her around.
The family would like to express their gratitude to the emergency staff at the Sault Area Hospital as well as the Emergency Services personnel who responded with the utmost kindness and compassion. Full Obituary