Active Shooters Alert System Created Under House Legislation

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Active Shooters Alert System Created Under House Legislation

Legislation sponsored by Congressman Fred Upton was approved by the U.S. House this week. Passage came Wednesday night. Upton told WSJM News earlier the bill is intended to help protect people in active shooter situations.

“This is a bill that would encourage states, supported by all our law enforcement, to have an Amber Alert system when you have an active shooter so you can protect innocent victims,” Upton said.

Under the Active Shooter Alert Act, states and local police agencies could create systems similar to Amber Alerts to warn people via their phones when an active shooter is known. Upton spoke on the House floor about the bill.

“Can’t we take a small, bipartisan, commonsense measure to save a life or two? Yes, I believe in thoughts and prayers, I do. I also believe in taking constructive steps to protect our communities.”

The legislation will provide the resources for active shooter alert systems to police nationwide. Upton pointed to the mass shooting in Kalamazoo in 2016 in which six people were killed. He said if they could have been notified about what was going on, perhaps some of them would still be alive.

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