Active shooter training held at Eureka school

Active shooter training held at Eureka school

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Authorities in north central South Dakota practiced an active shooter drill at a school this week. 

The Corson County Sheriff’s Office shared photos from an active shooter response training at the Eureka school hosted by the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. You can view some photos from the drill below. 

The drill happened on Wednesday and involved 13 law enforcement officers from Corson, McPherson, Brown and Edmunds Counties. 

The active shooting training happens as Congress weighs the issue of gun control in school safety. 

This week, lawmakers said the framework for a bipartisan gun safety bill is moving forward. 

Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead, who is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and people’s rights to protect themselves and their homes, says the bipartisan agreement is a big step.

“It’s certainly something that’s got not only law enforcement, but law enforcement and lawful gun owners, watching very closely,” said Milstead.

Senator Mike Rounds’ office sent KELOLAND News the following statement: “The framework has been announced, but actual text hasn’t been shared. The devil is in the details. Since I do not have the text, and since this is a very sensitive area of discussion, I will not have a decision about my support for these suggested measures until we actually see the legislation and have a chance to analyze it. In the meantime, I appreciate the hard work individuals are doing to find long-term solutions to the mental illness and school safety issues we face.”

Senator John Thune’s office tells KELOLAND News he is reserving judgment until there’s actually a bill that can be reviewed.

Authorities thanked role players for assisting training, a cook for making a meal and the Eureka school for the building use.