Active shooter drills: Training planned at Cameron, Milano ISDs | News

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Active shooter drills: Training planned at Cameron, Milano ISDs | News

Following the horrific events of the Uvalde school massacre on May 24, law enforcement agencies across Texas are working with their local school districts to hold simulation drills for emergency responders.

This coming week, there will be an increased police presence in Cameron ISD on Monday and in Milano ISD on Wednesday.

“The law enforcement community, school districts, and citizens have an overwhelming urge to develop immediate solutions to better safeguard our schools and children,” Milam County Sheriff Mike Clore said in a statement. “The Milam County Sheriff’s Office, along with our partner agencies, are taking the initiative over the next three months to facilitate training opportunities for first responders responding to critical incidents in our schools.”

Clore — who previously said training sessions already have been held in Rockdale ISD and eventually will be held in Buckholts ISD, Gause ISD and Thorndale ISD — emphasized how this preparation is a continuation of the department’s school safety initiative.

“These events continue the … opportunity to respond to scenario-based situations involving critical incidents in a safe and controlled environment,” he said. “This training supports the school safety initiative’s goals to enhance response capabilities, enhance safety procedures for staff and parti- cipants, and enhance collaboration and safety operations in schools.”

Last month, the Bell County Sheriff’s Department underwent similar training in late June at Academy ISD where it utilized campus facilities and classrooms for exercises.

“They’re doing active shooter training and we’ve opened our schools for them to do that training,” Academy ISD Superintendent Billy Harlan told the Telegram at the time. “So it’s good for them and for us.”

Temple resident Judy Herzog is one of the countless Central Texas residents who are in favor of the heightened safety precautions at K-12 campuses.

“This training needs to be done in every school system nationwide,” she said in a Facebook post. “Academy ISD … Bravo for setting the example.”

Rockdale resident Beth Alford Laywell thanked the Milam County Sheriff’s Office for its proactive approach to school safety.

“It was hard to watch the (Uvalde) investigation hearing, and hearing first hand all the ‘slip ups’ or ‘errors’ from a police department and school that was not prepared,” she said. “I appreciate what you are doing for our kids and grandkids.”

Rockdale City Councilwoman Esme Ruelas-Olivares shared that sentiment.

“Thank you for being proactive in taking these first steps to finding ways to make our schools a safe place,” she said. “I believe we still have a long way to go, but hoping we can get more things implemented before the next school season starts.”