A Man Was Arrested After He Was Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife 40 Years Ago in Kempsey, Worcestershire

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A Man Was Arrested After He Was Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife 40 Years Ago in Kempsey, Worcestershire

In Kempsey, Worcestershire, a man was detained after it was determined that he was responsible for the murder of his wife more than four decades ago.

According to the West Mercia Police, a man has been found guilty of killing his wife in Kempsey, Worcestershire, forty years ago. The crime took place during that time period.

According to the Kempsey Police Department, David Venables, 89, of Elgar Drive, was found guilty at Worcester Crown Court today (Friday, July 15).
On Wednesday, July 20, at 2:00 p.m., he will be given his sentence.

In May of 1982, Venables reported that his wife Brenda, who was 48 at the time, had gone missing.
A search of the surrounding region, including the river, was conducted as part of the West Mercia Police Department’s inquiry into the disappearance of a person.
The investigation into the disappearance of the pair in Kempsey proceeded as a missing persons case until July 2019, when human remains were discovered during normal maintenance of the septic house at the residence where the couple had lived.

An inquiry into a possible murder was begun, and Brenda’s identity as a victim was confirmed through the use of DNA testing. As a result of the state in which Brenda’s remains were found, it was not possible to determine what caused her death.

During the course of the trial, which lasted for a total of five weeks, the jury was informed that the pair was in an unhappy marriage and that he had been having an affair with another lady for the previous 14 years.

It was discovered that David murdered Brenda some time between May 3 and May 5, 1982, and then hid her body in the septic tank before reporting that she was missing.
After today’s verdict, Brenda’s nieces and nephews had the opportunity to speak out and say the following: “We are relieved that today, after a wait of 40 years, at last there is justice for Brenda.” Venables will no longer be able to get away with murdering his wife, concealing her body, and engaging in all of his other deceitful behavior, including lying and making things up.

They expressed their regret that Brenda had been unable to escape her abusive marriage and emphasized the fact that “wonderful people are out there, who can and will help” those who are in abusive relationships at home. They wished that Brenda had been able to leave the marriage. They brought attention to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline that is offered by Refuge as well as the Victim Advice Line that is offered by the West Mercia Police.